Monat: April 2021

Die C-SEB-Mitglieder Dr. Michael Zürn, Dr. Judith Gerten und Prof. Dr. Sascha Topolinski haben in einem von C-SEB geförderten Projekt …

Opinion Science Podcast, 12.04.2021 | Andy Luttrell & Iris Schneider

„Many topics are complicated and associated with benefits and costs. […] That can make people feel discomfort. […] When they try to resolve that, they might take less than optimal strategies. […] Because you oversimplify the choice, or you make the wrong choice just to make a choice. […] The polarization that we see all across Europe and the U.S. [shows] that maybe having strong attitudes that are only black or only white is not always the best thing.“

The Dallas Morning News, 06.04.2021 | Peter Cramton

„Millions of Texans went without electricity for days in the cold. […] The failure of gas-fueled power was the proximate cause of the Texas electricity crisis. Had the gas supply been reliable, the electricity shortage would have been far less severe. […] Electricity reliability and natural gas availability are closely linked. The grid won’t be reliable if gas delivery fails. Something must change. A lesson for Texas and markets worldwide: Fix your gas market rules. […] An electricity system is only as reliable as its fuel supply.“

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