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C-SEB Forschungsstipendien vergeben

Das Zentrum für Soziales und Ökonomisches Verhalten (C-SEB) schreibt regelmäßig Förderstipendien für Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler im Bereich des Economic Engineering und der sozialen Kognitionsforschung aus. Für unsere verschiedenen Förderlinien “Gender Research Grants”, “Junior Start-Up Grants”, “Seedcorn Grants”, “Student Grants” und “Visitor and International Fellowship Program” wurden insgesamt 48 Bewerbungen eingereicht, aus denen 31 Projekte für eine Förderung ausgewählt wurden. In dieser 8. Förderrunde werden folgende Forschungsprojekte mit einem C-SEB Förderstipendium unterstützt:

Gender Research Grants:
Gürtler, Project: “Quotas and the Labor Market“
Schneiders, Project: “Gender and Norm Violations“
Wolff, Project: “Differential Item Functioning with Regard to Gender in Organizational Citizenship Behaviors”

Junior Start-up Grants:
Alves, Project: “Diversity, Trust and Cooperation”
Barker, Project: “A Dynamic Interactive Explanation of Category Distribution Effects”
Dorrough, Project: “Hiring Biases against People with Mental Disorders”
Eilermann, Project: “How Time Pressure Affects Medical Diagnosis and Treatment”
Funk, Project: “Forgiveness in Everyday Life“
Peitzmeier, Project: “Rise of Populism and Investor Behavior”
Posten, Project: “High Trust and High Distrust: A Matter of Perspective Taking?”
Schneider, Project: “The Benefit of the Doubter: Examining the Relation Between Trait Ambivalence and Confirmation Bias”
Su, Project: “Does Social Exclusion Decrease Performance?”
Wingen, Project: “Influence or Autonomy: Why Do Lay People Believe that “Power Corrupts?”
Zürn, Project: “Satisfaction and Indifference in Economic Decisions”

Seedcorn Grants:
Crusius, Project: “SpAM³-VR Part 2: Can Virtual Reality Elucidate Dimensions of Conceptual Space?”
Kölle, Project: “Present Bias and Welfare”
Topolinski, Project: “Maybe Favors: Increasing Helping Behavior by Making The Deed Only Likely”

Student Grants:
Cypris, Project: “Fragmented News Consumption: The Role of Morals and Ambivalence”
Fischer, Project: “Benefiting Now or Later: An Experimental Study of Cooperation and Punishment with Delayed Costs and Benefits”
Gross, Project: “The Effectiveness of Situational and Cognitive Self-Control Strategies: Evidence from an Ecological Momentary Intervention”
Habbel, Project: “Fear of Progression in Parkinson´s Disease and the Detection of Influencing Psychosocial Factors”
Henzel, Project: “Spontaneous Stereotypes Predict Discriminatory Behavior”
Karolak, Project: “Thank God We Cooperate: Impact of Religion on Cooperation in Asymmetric Prisoner’s Dilemma“
Kraemer, Project: “How Parents‘ Status Orientation Affects Strategies to Enhance School Performance in Children with Pharmaceuticals”
Rosenow, Project: “Fear of Progression in Parkinson´s Disease and the Detection of Influencing Psychosocial Factors“
Schrameier, Project: “Why Does the Stock Market Overreact? A Cognitive Approach to Finance”
Ulonska, Project: “Effects of Honoring Ethical Behavior on Productivity”
Weiß, Project: “Mental Accounting in Sustainable Consumption Choices”
Wilts, Project: “Feature Codes in Implicit Sequence Learning: Perceived Stimulus Features Transfer to Motor Response Features”

Visitor and International Fellowship Program:
Diel, Research stay at the University of California, Davis
Schneider, Research stay at the Singapore Management University

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