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C-SEB research grants awarded

The Center for Social and Economic Behavior (C-SEB) regularly awards research grants to researchers in economic engineering, social cognition and other fields related to the C-SEB. Across our funding lines of Gender Research Grants, Junior Start-Up Grants, Seedcorn Grants, Student Grants, and Visitor/International Fellowship Program, C-SEB received 48 proposals, of which 31 proposals were selected for funding. In this 8th funding round, C-SEB will provide support for the following projects:

Gender Research Grants:
Gürtler, Project: “Quotas and the Labor Market”
Schneiders, Project: “Gender and Norm Violations”
Wolff, Project: “Differential Item Functioning with Regard to Gender in Organizational Citizenship Behaviors”

Junior Start-up Grants:
Alves, Project: “Diversity, Trust and Cooperation”
Barker, Project: “A Dynamic Interactive Explanation of Category Distribution Effects”
Dorrough, Project: “Hiring Biases against People with Mental Disorders”
Eilermann, Project: “How Time Pressure Affects Medical Diagnosis and Treatment”
Funk, Project: “Forgiveness in Everyday Life”
Peitzmeier, Project: “Rise of Populism and Investor Behavior”
Posten, Project: “High Trust and High Distrust: A Matter of Perspective Taking?”
Schneider, Project: “The Benefit of the Doubter: Examining the Relation Between Trait Ambivalence and Confirmation Bias”
Su, Project: “Does Social Exclusion Decrease Performance?”
Wingen, Project: “Influence or Autonomy: Why Do Lay People Believe that “Power Corrupts?”
Zürn, Project: “Satisfaction and Indifference in Economic Decisions”

Seedcorn Grants:
Crusius, Project: “SpAM³-VR Part 2: Can Virtual Reality Elucidate Dimensions of Conceptual Space?”
Kölle, Project: “Present Bias and Welfare”
Topolinski, Project: “Maybe Favors: Increasing Helping Behavior by Making The Deed Only Likely”

Student Grants:
Cypris, Project: “Fragmented News Consumption: The Role of Morals and Ambivalence”
Fischer, Project: “Benefiting Now or Later: An Experimental Study of Cooperation and Punishment with Delayed Costs and Benefits”
Gross, Project: “The Effectiveness of Situational and Cognitive Self-Control Strategies: Evidence from an Ecological Momentary Intervention”
Habbel, Project: “Fear of Progression in Parkinson´s Disease and the Detection of Influencing Psychosocial Factors”
Henzel, Project: “Spontaneous Stereotypes Predict Discriminatory Behavior”
Karolak, Project: “Thank God We Cooperate: Impact of Religion on Cooperation in Asymmetric Prisoner’s Dilemma”
Kraemer, Project: “How Parents’ Status Orientation Affects Strategies to Enhance School Performance in Children with Pharmaceuticals”
Rosenow, Project: “Fear of Progression in Parkinson´s Disease and the Detection of Influencing Psychosocial Factors”
Schrameier, Project: “Why Does the Stock Market Overreact? A Cognitive Approach to Finance”
Ulonska, Project: “Effects of Honoring Ethical Behavior on Productivity”
Weiß, Project: “Mental Accounting in Sustainable Consumption Choices”
Wilts, Project: “Feature Codes in Implicit Sequence Learning: Perceived Stimulus Features Transfer to Motor Response Features”

Visitor and International Fellowship Program:
Diel, Research stay at the University of California, Davis
Schneider, Research stay at the Singapore Management University

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