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C-SEB research grants awarded

C-SEB has approved 11 projects for funding in the 13th funding round. The following research projects are supported with a C-SEB grant:

Junior Start-Up Grants:
Barbara Boelmann – “Military Service and Gender Roles”
Marius Gramb – “Personalized Advice”
Johanna Höhs – “A Model-Based Approach to Motivated Forgetting of Unethical Behavior”
Felix Kölle – “Leadership in Multi-Generational Public Goods Problems”
Felix Speckmann – “Incentives Increase Advisor Devaluations”
Anna Taudien – “Calibrating Users’ Mental Models of AI for Effective Delegation”
Mareike Westfal – “Mimicry and Pro-Social Behavior: A Direct Replication and Extension”

Seedcorn Grant:
Dorothee Mischkowski – “Common Commitment”

Student Awards:
Johanna Woitzel – “Much Ado About Skew: Homophily in Equally Versus Differentially Extreme Samples of Conservatives and Progressives”
Kailyn Anne Smitz – “Does Losing Against Women Fuel Misogyny in Males?”

Visitor Program:
Oliver Genschow – Research stay at the University of California, San Diego

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