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C-SEB research grants awarded

C-SEB has approved the following projects for funding in the 17th funding round:

Junior Start-Up Grants
Arno Apffelstaedt – “Signups”
Sercan Demir – “AI & Creativity”
Celine Frank – “Valence Asymmetries in Attitudinal Ambivalence”
Max Grossmann – “Paternalism and Deliberation”
Simone Malejka – “Why Do Tests Improve Memory? The Role of Context in Test-Based Learning”
Anne Weitzel – “Sorites Paradox in Perceptual Categorization”

Seedcorn Grant
Joris Lammers – “Disruptive Collective Action”

Student Awards
Christian Hänseler – “What Does It Take to Confront Discrimination at Work? A Scale-Development Study on the Requirements to Confronting Discrimination”
Mira Hertel – “Sex(ism) Doesn’t Sell: A Conceptual Replication on the Separate Effects of Nudity and Sexism in Advertising”
Simay Kücükkolbasi – “Complexity in Policy: How Do We Assess”

Visitor Program
Eva-Maria Oeß – Research stay at the University of Fribourg, Schweiz
Max Thon – Research stay at UC Santa Barbara, USA
Mark Wittek – Research stay at Stanford University, USA

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