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C-SEB research grants awarded

C-SEB has approved the following projects for funding in the 16th funding round:

Junior Start-Up Grants
Vanessa Clemens – “The Role of Institutions in Closeness-Based Favoring Behavior”
Dylan Gellert – “First-Price vs. Dutch Auctions for Real Effort Tasks”
Felix Speckmann – “Underlying Dimensions of Intercultural Differences”
Jeffrey Starck – “Commitment in First-Price Auctions”
Louis Strang – “Upholding a Good Image: Selective Country Comparisons in the Media”
Sophia Wingen – “Price Perception and Memory in Checkout-Free Shopping”

Seedcorn Grant:
Christian Unkelbach – “Global and Local Standards in Judgment”

Student Awards
Carola Gensler – “Moral Licensing in Group Settings”

Visitor Program
Carina Neisser – Research stay at the Stockholm University, Sweden
Jeffrey Starck – Research stay at the Tilburg University, Netherlands

International Fellowship Program
Joris Lammers – Research stay of Zhengtai Liu at the University of Cologne

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