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C-SEB research grants awarded

C-SEB has approved 10 projects for funding in the 12th funding round. The following research projects are supported with a C-SEB grant:

Junior Start-Up Grants:
Jan Crusius – “AI Decisions and Organizational Trust”
Charlotte Löffler – “Effects of Fluency and Core Affect in Intuitive Decision Making”
Christoph Oslislo – “On the Salience of Social and Self-image Concerns”
Eileen Pauels – “Perceived Ambivalence and Incentivized Trust”
Lukas Reinhardt – “Identity and the Intrinsic Value of Independence”
Tobias Wingen – “Who Listens to the Scientists?”

Seedcorn Grant:
Angela Dorrough – “Preferential Selection of Women and Its Consequences for Group Decision-Making”
Michael Zürn – “The Specialist’s Dilemma”

Student Awards:
Jana Dreston – “The Influence of Science Cues on Encoding and Retrieval in an Online Newspaper Feed for High and Low Interest Laypeople”
Thomas Graczyk – “Trust in Competence – a Matter of Respect?”

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