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C-SEB research grants awarded

C-SEB has approved/awarded 19 projects for funding in the 15th funding round:

Junior Start-Up Grants
Sercan Demir – “Impact of Virtual Reality on Dishonesty”
Yael Ecker – “Followers’ Preference for Progress-Oriented Leadership May Depend on the Leader’s Gender”
Celine Frank – “Eye-Tracking Ambivalence”
Elisa Gerten – “The Employment of Women in the Gig Economy”
Max Grossmann – “2PWE – Two Studies on Positive Welfare Economics”
Fabian Hoffmannn – “The Dynamics of Social Image”
Simone Malejka – “A Simple Formula for Bayesian Shrinkage to Correct for Measurement Error”
Jasmin Rath – “Social Media Discussions and Political Trust”
David Stommel – “Influence of Trust and Perceived Competence on Medical Second Opinion Decision Making”
Gönül Dogan – “Issue Driven Ingroup Bias”

Student Awards
Frauke Frank – “Entrepreneurial Choices: An Analysis of the Effect of Parenthood on Becoming Self-Employed”

Visitor Program
Lara Berger – Research stay at the Columbia University, USA
Vanessa Clemens – Research stay at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marina Orifici – Research stay at the Katholieke Universiteit (KU) Leuven, Belgium
Anna Taudien – Research stay at the University of Minnesota, USA
Max Thon – Research stay at the University of Toronto, Canada
Dominik Walzner – Research stay at the University of Minnesota, USA

International Fellowship Program
Andreas Glöckner – Research stay of Michel Regenwetter at the University of Cologne
Christian Unkelbach – Research stay of Corey Cook at the University of Cologne

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