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C-SEB research grants awarded

The Center for Social and Economic Behavior (C-SEB) regularly awards research grants to researchers in economic engineering, social cognition and other fields related to C-SEB. Across the six funding lines of “Seedcorn Grants”, “Junior Start-up Grants”, “Gender Research Grants”, “Student Grants”, “Visitor and International Fellowship Program” and “Gender Equality and Family Support Measures”, C-SEB received 54 proposal, of which 35 proposals were selected for funding. In this funding round, C-SEB will provide support for the following projects:

Seedcorn Grants:
Ann-Christin Posten, Project: “Determining Thresholds for Trust to Be Experienced as Such”

Junior Start-up Grants:
Magdalena Bekk, Project: “The “Kinder Surprise” Reinforcement”
Stefania Bortolotti, Project: “Betrayal, Risk Taking, and Redistribution”
Kevin Breuer, Project: “Hybrid Auction”
Florian Engl, Project: “The Effect of Psychological Switching Costs on Labor Market Efficiency”
Andreas Geiss, Project: “Does Blunted Cortisol Increase Following Stressor Exposure Mediate Ego Depletion?”
Atar Herziger, Project: “Donation Fluency: Matching Price with Outcome Could Make a Cause “Worth It””
Katharina Huesman, Project: “Rankings of Physicians: How to Motivate the Most”
Mayaan Katzir, Project: “The Role of Moral Emotions in Moral Licensing”
Felix Kölle, Project: “Delay and Social Preferences”
Lea Mercedes Petters, Project: “Training and Reference-Dependent Agents”
Jasmin Richter, Project: “Information-Processing in Decision Making under Social Influence”
Iris Karoline Schneider, Project: “Ambivalence towards Healthy and Unhealthy Foods: Situational Influences and Moderation by Self-Control”
Sebastian Schneiders, Project: “Promises and Credibility: On the Effectiveness of Communication to Create Trust”
Felix Speckmann, Project: “Spatial Arrangement as a Pure Measure of Self-Construal”
Sebastian Tonke, Project: “Water Scarcity and Saving Tips”
Alexa Weiss, Project: “How Context Shapes the Expression of Gratitude”
Lukas Wenner, Project: “Cursed Buyers in the Marketplace”
Michael Zürn, Project: “Intuition or Rationality? The Role of Fluency in Economic Interactions”

Visitor and International Fellowship Program:
Suparee Boonmanunt, research stay at the Columbia Business School, NYC
Katharina Laske, research stay at the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Ann-Christin Posten, research stay of Pinar Ugurlar at the University Cologne
Iris Karoline Schneider, research stay at the University of Southern California, LA
Matthias Sutter, research stay of Michalis Drouvelis at the University Cologne

Gender Measures:
Mira Fischer, research stay at the University of Bergen, Norway
Jasmin Richter, Gender Seminar

Gender Research Grants:
Laura Van Berkel, Project: “Gender Representation & Identity”

Student Grants:
Sabine Bibiela, Project: “The Effect of Talent Management Schemes on Employer Attractiveness”
Yannik Diebel, Project: “Adding by Substracting”
Thomas Drazek, Project: “Detrimental Effects of Noise on Welfare in Coordination Games”
Hanna Katharina Fuhrmann, Project: “The Intergenerational Challenge of Preventing Global Climate Change”
Anne-Sophie Lang, Project: “Under Which Circumstances are People More Willing to Trust than to Gamble?”
Mike Schreiber, Project: “Justification of Effort in Daily Life”
Christian Vorbohle, Project: “Price Frames and Seller Behaviour”
Johanna Werz, Project: “The Appraisal of Reactions to Success: The Benefits and Costs of Humility”