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C-SEB research grants awarded

The Center for Social and Economic Behavior (C-SEB) regularly awards research grants to researchers in economic engineering, social cognition and other fields related to C-SEB. Across the six funding lines of “Seedcorn Grants”, “Junior Start-up Grants”, “Gender Research Grants”, “Student Grants”, “Visitor and International Fellowship Program” and “Gender Equality and Family Support Measures”, C-SEB received 54 proposal, of which 37 proposals were selected for funding. In this funding round, C-SEB will provide support for the following projects:

Seedcorn Grants:
Stefania Bortolotti, Project: “Discrimination Among Children”
Sascha Topolinski, Project: “Vicarious Decisions”
Peter Werner, Project: “Transparency and Wage Negotiations in Firms”

Junior Start-up Grants:
Matthew Baldwin, Project: “Exploring the Cognitive Roots of Authenticity”
Paul Barker, Project: “Temporal Effects on Severity of Punishment for Crimes”
Lea Boecker, Project: “Emotional Consequences of Ostracism”
Kevin Breuer, Project: “Social Preferences in School Choice Problems”
Christina Eichel, Project: “Mindfulness and Social Comparison”
Stefan Jasperson, Project: “Homophily in Fund Managers’ Investment Decisions”
Felix Kölle, Project: “Cooperation and Delayed Benefits”
Joris Lammers, Project: “The Economics of Politico-Moral Ideology”
Jens Lange, Project: “A Social-Functional Approach to Remorse”
Berit Lindau, Project: “(False) Familiarity of Brand Names”
Corinna Michels, Project: “Mental Simulation”
Andreas Pollack, Project: “Do Price Matching Guarantees with Markups Facilitate Collusion? Theory and Experiment”
Ann Christin Posten, Project: “The Role of Social Distance on Trust and Cooperation”
Sebastian Schneiders, Project: “Inequality, Trust and Discrimination”
Rita Silva, Project: “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend”
Sebastian Tonke, Project: “Compensating Task Disutility with Consumption”
Alexa Weiss, Project: “Self-Control and the Moralization of Mental Contents”
Claudia Zoller, Project: “Fairness & Cheating”
Michael Zürn, Project: “Trust, Distrust and Uncertainty”

Gender Research Grants:
Alexandra Fleischmann, Project: “Dress for Success”

Student Grants:
Viola Sophia Ackfeld, Project: “Behavioral Determinants of Repugnant Markets”
Charlotte Dukat, Project: “The Gender Pay Gap”
Lukas Hermeling, Project: “Do Impatience and a Tendency to Be More Selfish Go Hand in Hand?”
Heide Schulte-Beckhausen, Project: “Gender, Overconfidence and Speculative Bubbles”
Lea Sperlich, Project: “Unconscious Acquisition of Attitudes”

Visitor and International Fellowship Program:
Bernd Irlenbusch, research visit of Erin Krupka at the University of Cologne
Alex Koch, research visit at Susan Fiske at the Princeton University
Joris Lammers, research visit of Liz Redford at the University of Cologne
Helene Maas, research visit at Dirk Bergemann at the Yale University
Claudia Zoller, research visit at Gary Charness at the University of Santa Barbara