Research grants and other funding opportunities


Overview of grant lines

C-SEB offers five funding lines and one award category aimed at different eligible groups. Junior Start-Up Grants and Student Awards are open to members of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Human Sciences of the UoC. Bridging Grants, Seedcorn Grants, the International Fellowship Program, and our Equal Opportunity Measures are reserved for C-SEB members.

Junior Start-Up Grants of up to € 3,000 are aimed at junior scientists seeking to carry out a research project on their own responsibility. Student Awards honor excellent master students for their master thesis in experimental economic or psychological research; up to € 1,500 can be made available for research closely connected to the master thesis.

C-SEB members intending to conduct a larger research project focusing strongly on an interdisciplinary connection of scientific findings may be eligible for a Bridging Grant of up to € 30,000. For scientists planning a longer-term project with subsequent external funding, C-SEB provides Seedcorn Grants of up to € 5,000. Guest scientists visiting the University of Cologne may qualify for C-SEB grants of up to € 5,000 within the International Fellowship Program. The Equal Opportunity Measures provide C-SEB members with financial support for endeavors that promote gender equality and equal opportunities in academia more generally, as well as for a better integration of work and family life.

Application procedure

Calls for application are announced in due time via e-mail lists to the respective groups (C-SEB members, e-mail lists of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Human Sciences of the UoC). The application deadline is stated in the calls for applications. Grant awards are decided upon by the C-SEB Executive Board on the basis of an internal evaluation of the applications received – taking into account external opinions where necessary. Decisions are announced by e-mail 4-6 weeks after the application deadline.


Formal application requirements for the different funding measures can be found in the table below. Information on the content requirements will be provided in the call for proposals. In principle, funding can only be granted for as long as the recipient is employed at or receives a stipend from the University of Cologne.


Funds can be accessed in different ways, depending on demand and purpose. Please consult the administrative support of your work group and/or the C-SEB Central Office whenever in doubt. In general, the disbursement of funds is subject to compliance with the C-SEB Financial Guidelines, the UoC Hospitality Guidelines, the UoC Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice, and the UoC Publication Guidelines. Upon completion of the project, each grantee is required to submit a final report with a statement of expenditure as well as receipts for all expenditures of grant funds.

Funding lines

Junior Start-Up Grant
Student Grant
Bridging Grant
Seedcorn Grant
Visitor and International Fellowship Program

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Financial Guidelines
Publication Guidelines
Good Scientific Practice Guidelines
UoC Hospitality Guidelines