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C-SEB Forschungsstipendien vergeben

Das Zentrum für Soziales und Ökonomisches Verhalten (C-SEB) schreibt regelmäßig Förderstipendien für Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler im Bereich des Economic Engineering und der sozialen Kognitionsforschung aus. Für unsere verschiedenen Förderlinien “Gender Research Grants”, “Junior Start-Up Grants”, “Seedcorn Grants”, “Student Grants” und “Visitor and International Fellowship Program” wurden insgesamt 46 Bewerbungen eingereicht, aus denen 34 Projekte für eine Förderung ausgewählt wurden. In dieser 7. Förderrunde werden folgende Forschungsprojekte mit einem C-SEB Förderstipendium unterstützt:

Gender Research Grants:
Hahn, Project: “Changing Gender Stereotypes via Self-Associations”
Hausladen, Project: “Gender Gap, Time Pressure and Honesty”
Maschmann, Project: “Reactance Drives (Negative) Attitudes Towards Gender-Fair Language”
Petters, Project: “The Signalling Value of Affirmative Action”

Junior Start-Up Grants:
Breuer, Project: “Norm, Punishment and Unethical Behavior”
Castanho Silva, Project: “Never Mind, I’ll Find Someone Like Me”
Crusius, Project: “How the Belief in Free Will Shapes Envious Responding”
Diel, Project: “Trust Me, I’m Funny”
Genschow, Project: “The Influence of Being Imitated on Similarity Testing”
Gerten, Project: “The Twist of Trust”
Hansen, Project: “The Effects of Childcare Costs on Parental Income and Labor Supply”
Imschloß, Project: “The Sound of Trust”
Lammers, Project: “How Does Polling Affect Election Outcomes?”
Michels, Project: “The Relative Nature of Ostracism”
Sattler, Project: “Understanding Conditions of Dishonesty”
Schneider, Project: “Why Expressing Ambivalence Can Be Both Good and Bad”
Striewe, Project: “Sequence Effects of Target and Standard in Price Comparisons”
Uğurlar, Project: “A Cognitive Computational Perspective on Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Decisions”
Weiss, Project: “Processes Underlying the Delegation of Unethical Behavior”
Wenner, Project: “What is Salient? Numerical vs. Economic Salience”
Zürn, Project: “Estimating Inconsistency Premiums in Economic Interactions”

Seedcorn Grants:
Dertwinkel-Kalt, Project: “Attention and Demand for News”
Silva, Project: “Trust/Distrust and the Acceptance of Contradictions”

Student Grants:
Deventer, Project: “Belief in Free Will and Judicial Sentencing”
Groß-Bölting, Project: “Redirecting the Attentional Focus as an Alternative Explanation for Anticipated Actions”
Harrs, Project: “The Role of Local and National Identities for Pro-Environmental Behavior”
Mitterreiter, Project: “How Geographical Endorsements Affect Consumer Product Evaluation”
Reichling, Project: “On Bargaining Power Manipulated by Supply Chain Structure”
Schmid-Burgk, Project: “Gender Differences in Leadership”
Siller, Project: “Belief in Free Will and the Duration of the Effects of Its Experimental Manipulation”
Tisborn, Project: “The Influence of Similarity and Valence on Imitation”

Visitor/ International Fellowship Program:
Posten, Research stay at Columbia Business School
Speckmann, Research stay of Danilo Bzdok at UoC
Uğurlar, Research stay of Maayan Katzir at UoC