Alexandra Fleischmann

Publikationen (seit 2014)

In Press

Fleischmann, A., Lammers, J., Conway, P., & Galinsky, A. D. (in press).

"Paradoxical Effects of Power on Moral Thinking: Why Power Both Increases and Decreases Deontological and Utilitarian Moral Decisions." Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Fleischmann, A., Sieverding, M., Hespenheide, U., Weiß, M. & Koch, S. C. 2016.

"See Feminine – Think Incompetent? The Effects of a Feminine Outfit on the Evaluation of Women’s Computer Competence." Computers & Education, 95, 63–74.

Fleischmann, A. & Sieverding, M. 2015.

"Reactions Toward Men Who Have Taken Parental Leave: Does the Length of Parental Leave Matter?" Sex Roles, 72(9), 462-476.