Inviting a guest speaker to the seminar

The “C-SEB Research Seminar” offers external researchers working at the interface between economics and psychology the opportunity to present their research at the University of Cologne. Members of the C-SEB and the research group “Design & Behavior” are cordially encouraged to invite established colleagues whose work is related to the research topics of the C-SEB as guests to Cologne.

If you would like to invite a guest to give a lecture in this seminar, please first read the details of the procedure listed here and then obtain the required information from your guest. Please submit all information using the contact form below. The fields marked with * are mandatory. Further information needs to be submitted no later than two weeks before your guest’s lecture day.

1. Step: Proposing a guest

Please send us your suggestion for a guest speaker in the C-SEB Research Seminar via the contact form below. After having received a positive answer from the C-SEB Central Office, you can contact your guest and request all necessary information.

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2. Step: Inviting the guest (after approval by C-SEB)

General procedure

We take care of the announcement and organization of the seminar, the accommodation of your guest in Cologne and the UoC as well as the billing of travel expenses. You as a host are responsible for the communication with and the care of the guest before and during his/her stay. Your guest will receive an information sheet with all details about his/her stay and his/her presentation from us. On the day of the lecture, we will set up the necessary technical equipment (laptop, video projector, laser pointer) in the seminar room. Please inform your guest that presentation slides should be brought along on a USB stick in PPT or PDF format and accompany him/her to the room five minutes before the start of the seminar.

Obtaining required information

To book a lecture, it is necessary that you obtain the following information from your guest and then submit it to us via the contact form below:

Date of the lecture: In consultation with your guest, please choose a free preferred date and a free alternative date from the seminar overview of this semester.

Lecture title and abstract: Ask your guest for a lecture title as well as a brief summary of the lecture, which we can distribute to all UoC colleagues beforehand. If the exact title has not yet been determined, please enter a working title or the topic of the guest lecture in the corresponding field.

Hotel reservation: We are happy to organize a place to stay for your guest in a hotel nearby. For guests from Germany we can finance one night, for international guests a maximum of two nights can be funded. Please ask for the arrival and departure dates of your guest and any particularities for the reservation.

Personal talks: If your guest is available for one-on-one interviews with UZK researchers, we would like to point this out in the announcement mail and set up a doodle list with available time slots for those interested. Please ask for your guest´s availability and the convenience of the usual time slots listed below in the form. The Doodle link in the announcement mail allows you to access the call plan and make it available to your guest on arrival.

Joint lunch/dinner: If you are planning a lunch or dinner with your guest, in which interested researchers may participate, we would like to point that out in the announcement mail. Please inform us about the time and the name and e-mail address of the contact person, so that the interested parties can contact them directly. The C-SEB will cover the hospitality costs for guests and hosts according to the hospitality policy of the UoC (per person max 50 €, no alcoholic beverages). Please submit the original receipt as well as the completed form „Application for the reimbursement of expenses“ (German) no later than two weeks after your guest’s presentation to the C-SEB Central Office (Ms Cordes, SSC, R. 4.235).

Guest Office: On the day of the lecture, room 4.302 in the Student Service Center building will be available for your visitor as a guest office. Please pick up the key from the C-SEB Central Office the day before (Ms Cordes, SSC, R. 4.235) or ask your guest to collect it there on the day of the lecture. Please let us know the pick-up time in order to ensure that the C-SEB Central Office is occupied. Wi-Fi is available in the guest office.

Hotel reservation necessary?
Guest office needed?
Joint lunch/dinner?
Personal meetings requested? (if yes, please select potential time slots)  10.00-10.30 10.30-11.00 11.00-11.30 11.30-12.00 15.00-15.30 15.30-16.00

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