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C-SEB research grants awarded

C-SEB has approved 13 projects for funding in the 9th funding round. The following research projects are supported with a C-SEB grant:

Gender Research Grant:
Pauels, Project: “Indecisive or Thoughtful? Perceiving Ambivalence in Male versus Female Leaders”

Junior Start-Up Grants:
Crusius, Project: “Perils or Promises of Being a Frequent Participant in Social Science? Implications of Research-Related Self-Concept Clarity for Well-Being”
Hausladen, Project: “Using Machine Learning to Optimize Intervention Effects in Behavioral Economics Research”
Hohnsbehn, Project: “Don’t Tell Me What I Want to Hear: Reducing Selective Exposure through Expressions of Ambivalence”
Löffler, Project: “Housing Booms and Socio-Economic Segregation”
Mischkowski, Project: “Social Preferences and Envy: Linking the Concept of Benign and Malicious Envy with Social Preferences”
Vogt, Project: “On Unused Losing Categories in Performance Appraisals: Benefits of Kind Rating Scales”
Zürn, Project: “Playing the Prisoners’ Dilemma – From Parameters to Behavior”

Seedcorn Grant:
Sparks, Project: “Half Full, Half Empty Is Like It Could Have Been Better, but It Could Have Been Worse: How Sequencing of Positives and Negatives Influences Attitudes and Feelings”

Student Grants:
Breuer, Project: “Can Present Bias Issues Be Reduced through Social Commitment?”
Vehlow, Project: “Free to Blame? The Role of Free Will Belief in Victim Blaming”

Visitor/International Fellowship Program:
Maschmann, Research Stay at University of Oslo

Bridging Grant (partial funding):
Glöckner, Project: “Bribing across Borders”