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C-SEB research grants awarded

The Center for Social and Economic Behavior (C-SEB) regularly awards research grants to researchers in economic engineering, social cognition and other fields related to C-SEB. Across the six funding lines of “Seedcorn Grants”, “Junior Start-up Grants”, “Gender Research Grants”, “Student Grants”, “Visitor and International Fellowship Program” and “Bridging Grants”, C-SEB received 49 proposals, of which 29 proposals were selected for funding. In this funding round, C-SEB will provide support for the following projects:

Bridging Grants:
Matthias Sutter, Project: “A Representative Investigation of Discrimination against Muslims in Germany ”
Christian Unkelbach, Project: “Incentives as a Tool to Disentangle Avoidable and Unavoidable Sources of Bias in Human Decision Making”

Seedcorn Grants:
Jan Crusius, Project: “Why Does Entitlement Foster Dominance Instead of Prestige”
Anne Gast, Project: “Investigating Memory Processes Underlying Evaluative Conditioning with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging”
Oliver Genschow, Project: “Observed Imitation and Perceived Dominance”
Adam Hahn, Project: “Multiculturalism and Colorblindness”
Iris Karoline Schneider, Project: “Choice Construal is Influenced by Spatial Distance Between Choice Options”

Junior Start-up Grants:
Viola Sophia Ackfeld, Project: “Discrimination in Markets with Unprotected Privacy”
Lisa Blatz, Project: “Advantages and Pitfalls of Goal Pursuit in Envy versus Admiration”
Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt, Project: “Framing Effects in the Field”
Florian Engl, Project: “Effects of Corruption on Sorting and Effort Provision”
Maayan Katzir, Project: “Dynamics of Affect in Self-Regulation”
Alex Koch, Project: “Fundamental Stereotype Dimensions”
Felix Kölle, Project: “Two Edges of Social Image Concerns”
Rita Silva, Project: “Smoking Causes Blindness”

Gender Research Grants:
Joris Lammers, Project: “Power Trumps the Effects of Gender on Partner Preference”
Ira Maschmann, Project: “Detrimental Effects of Gender-Fair Language”

Student Grants:
Jana Berkessel, Project: “The Source Memory of Remorseful Faces”
Margarita Buchholz, Project: “Empathy, Altruism and Hypocrisy in Helping Behavior”
Lukas Hoffmann, Project: “Signaling or Reciprocity”
Jana-Maria Hohnsbehn, Project: “The Role of Self-Control in Resolving Moral Ambivalence”
Martin Klöckner, Project: “Algorithm Aversion in Forecasting”
Franziska Pradel, Project: “How Do Terrorist Attacks Affect Our Health Attitudes and Behavior”
Jana Schmidt, Project: “Facing Climate Change Skepticism”
Julia Staples, Project: “Ambivalence in Moral Decision Making”

Visitor and International Fellowship Program:
Hans Alves, Research stay at University of Lisbon
Stefania Bortolotti, Research stay at the Norwegian School of Economics
Adam Hahn, Research stay of Charles Judd at UoC
Joris Lammers, Research stay of Stefan Leach at UoC