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C-SEB research grants awarded

The Center for Social and Economic Behavior (C-SEB) regularly awards research grants to researchers in economic engineering, social cognition and other fields related to the C-SEB. Across our funding lines of Gender Research Grants, Junior Start-Up Grants, Seedcorn Grants, Student Grants, and Visitor/International Fellowship Program, C-SEB received 46 proposals, of which 34 proposals were selected for funding. In this 7th funding round, C-SEB will provide support for the following projects:

Gender Research Grants:
Hahn, Project: “Changing Gender Stereotypes via Self-Associations”
Hausladen, Project: “Gender Gap, Time Pressure and Honesty”
Maschmann, Project: “Reactance Drives (Negative) Attitudes Towards Gender-Fair Language”
Petters, Project: “The Signalling Value of Affirmative Action”

Junior Start-Up Grants:
Breuer, Project: “Norm, Punishment and Unethical Behavior”
Castanho Silva, Project: “Never Mind, I’ll Find Someone Like Me”
Crusius, Project: “How the Belief in Free Will Shapes Envious Responding”
Diel, Project: “Trust Me, I’m Funny”
Genschow, Project: “The Influence of Being Imitated on Similarity Testing”
Gerten, Project: “The Twist of Trust”
Hansen, Project: “The Effects of Childcare Costs on Parental Income and Labor Supply”
Imschloß, Project: “The Sound of Trust”
Lammers, Project: “How Does Polling Affect Election Outcomes?”
Michels, Project: “The Relative Nature of Ostracism”
Sattler, Project: “Understanding Conditions of Dishonesty”
Schneider, Project: “Why Expressing Ambivalence Can Be Both Good and Bad”
Striewe, Project: “Sequence Effects of Target and Standard in Price Comparisons”
Uğurlar, Project: “A Cognitive Computational Perspective on Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Decisions”
Weiss, Project: “Processes Underlying the Delegation of Unethical Behavior”
Wenner, Project: “What is Salient? Numerical vs. Economic Salience”
Zürn, Project: “Estimating Inconsistency Premiums in Economic Interactions”

Seedcorn Grants:
Dertwinkel-Kalt, Project: “Attention and Demand for News”
Silva, Project: “Trust/Distrust and the Acceptance of Contradictions”

Student Grants:
Deventer, Project: “Belief in Free Will and Judicial Sentencing”
Groß-Bölting, Project: “Redirecting the Attentional Focus as an Alternative Explanation for Anticipated Actions”
Harrs, Project: “The Role of Local and National Identities for Pro-Environmental Behavior”
Mitterreiter, Project: “How Geographical Endorsements Affect Consumer Product Evaluation”
Reichling, Project: “On Bargaining Power Manipulated by Supply Chain Structure”
Schmid-Burgk, Project: “Gender Differences in Leadership”
Siller, Project: “Belief in Free Will and the Duration of the Effects of Its Experimental Manipulation”
Tisborn, Project: “The Influence of Similarity and Valence on Imitation”

Visitor/ International Fellowship Program:
Posten, Research stay at Columbia Business School
Speckmann, Research stay of Danilo Bzdok at UoC
Uğurlar, Research stay of Maayan Katzir at UoC