Oliver Genschow

Publications (since 2014)


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Press releases

This year, the German Society of Psychology (DGPs) awards the prize to the editorial team of the online magazine In-Mind. …

In the media

The Inquisitive Mind, 01/2018 | Jan Crusius & Oliver Genschow

“Can psychological research still be trusted? In-Mind interviewed Daniel Lakens and Klaus Fiedler-two of the most prominent voices in the debate on how psychological science can be improved. In this interview, they offer a personal view on how psychology has changed and how it should change in the future. They describe their personal motivation and how the debate has affected their own work.”

Link to article: http://www.in-mind.org/blog/post/we-are-ready-to-move-an-interview-with-daniel-lakens-and-klaus-fiedler-on-the-current