Joris Lammers

Publications (since 2014)

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In Press

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In the media

Los Angeles Times, 12.12.2016 | Melissa Healy

“But to conservative ears, says a study published Monday in the journal PNAS, policy recommendations on the environment might sound more appealing if they’re aimed at restoring a known and beloved past than if they’re required to forestall disasters in an uncertain future.[…] Baldwin and Lammers write, the message of climate change has been framed in many ways — from fatalistic predictions about the future to calls for social progress[…].”

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Quirks & Quarks, 17.12.2016 | Bob McDonald

“Psychologist Dr. Matthew Baldwin and colleagues at the University of Cologne, in Germany, have considered how re-framing language around climate change increases its appeal for specific parts of the population. In a new study, Baldwin has found that Americans who are politically conservative and tend to be skeptical about climate change, are more likely to be persuaded by statements that connect climate change with a cherished, idyllic past. In contrast, liberals, or progressives, respond to both ‘past-focused’ messages and to appeals that talk about the future.”

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New York Magazine, 31.03.2016 | Melissa Dahl

„You’ve been offered a promotion. […] There is, however, a teensy catch: Your new title doesn’t actually come with any more money than your current one. But think of the prestige — the power! So. Will you take it? No, you most likely would not [ …]. Across nine experiments, the researchers — from the University of Cologne, the University of Groningen, and Columbia University — consistently found that, although employees without a lot of power do indeed desire more of it, ultimately ‘gaining autonomy quenches the desire for power’. […] In one experiment, the researchers — led by Joris Lammers at the University of Cologne — guided people through the above thought experiment.”

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The Guardian, 26.11.2014 | Emine Saner

„Research indicates that the mere suggestion someone has acquired new power makes them behave antisocially and eat more messily. […] A study by two researchers, Joris Lammers and Adam Galinsky, split 105 people into two groups and asked each to recall an instance in which they had power.”

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