Jaume Garcia-Segarra

Publications (since 2014)

In Press

Alós-Ferrer, C., Garcia-Segarra, J. & Ritschel, A. (in press).

"Performance Curiosity." Journal of Economic Psychology.

Alós-Ferrer, C., Garcia-Segarra, J. & Ginés-Vilar, M. 2017.

"Super-Additivity and Concavity are Equivalent for Pareto Optimal n-Agent Bargaining Solutions." Economics Letters, 157, 50–52.

García-Segarra, J. & Ginés-Vilar, M. 2015.

"The Impossibility of Paretian Monotonic Solutions: A Strengthening of Roth’s Result." Operations Research Letters. 43(5), 476-478.