Elena Katok

International Faculty

Publications (since 2014)

Davis, A. M., Katok, E. & Kwasnica, A. M. 2014.

"Should Sellers Prefer Auctions? A Laboratory Comparison of Auctions and Sequential Mechanisms." Management Science, 60(4), 990-1008.

Davis, A. M., Katok, E. & Santamaria, N. 2014.

"Push, Pull, or Both? A Behavioral Study of Inventory Risk on Channel Efficiency." Management Science, 60(11), 2666-2683.
In Press

Fugger, N., Katok, E. & Wambach, A. (in press).

“Trust in Procurement Interactions”, Management Science.

Bolton, G. & Katok, E. 2018.

"Cry Wolf or Equivocate? Credible forecast guidance in a cost-loss game." Management Science, 64 (3), 983-1476.

Fugger, N., Katok, E. & Wambach, A. 2016.

"Collusion in Dynamic Buyer-Determined Reverse Auctions.” Management Science, 62(2), 518-533.